Technology has greatly shaped the travel industry. Countless travel websites have sprung up over the internet to offer customers great deals and discounts on their travel and hotel bookings. Many websites provide travelers with the option to book condos, car rentals and flights through their travel agencies but few make it to the top list. Here, we talk about the best three travel sites that offer fantastic deals for their customers.

The top of the list in Airbnb. In 2008, few people knew about this company. They faced a huge debt of $40,000 which they paid off by innovating in custom cereal boxes. Little did anyone know that this company would enter the mainstream travel business, and become the most popular website among travelers. The company has more than 1.5 million listing in over 34000 cities around 190 countries. They have 19 offices around the globe that are ready to serve customers whenever needed. Airbnb rewards its loyal customers with great deals like $40 off next booking, and can always beat the price on rentals.

The company acts as a third-party between renters and owners, and helps them connect through the internet. You simply have to make a property search to find out about cheap shared places, beautiful beach homes, mobile accommodations or even a night in a castle. Airbnb cites authentic reviews from different users who have booked through them, and customers can share their feedback and experiences about a specific accommodation which can help other renters in choosing a suitable place. The company representatives also visit the different residences listed on their website to make sure that the lodgings meet their standards.

The second to ranking travel website is HomeAway. The company predates Airbnb, and has been growing steadily over the years. The company became very successful in the mid-2000 after acquiring holiday rental websites like VRBP and At the moment, the company has acquisition of 40 travel websites which provide services in 22 languages. There are over 1 million listings on HomeAway’s site. The main different between HomeAway and Airbnb is that HomeAway does not control the rental experience in any way. The company does have payment processing options, but mainly it acts like a rentals classified system without overseeing the entire holiday or rental experience. HomeAway has amazing deals like 5% off booking for regular customers.

The third most popular travel website out there is Kayak. It is more like a search engine which helps you find the best deals on hotel prices, car rentals and flight tickets. The feature that makes this web portal so attractive is their predictive algorithm which lets you know whether the prices are going up or down. You can use this information to make an assessment about when you should book or who you should book with. The Kayak website also has a travel alert feature, and every time a great deal pops up, it goes straight to your inbox. You can search through a wide range of dates to find the best and cheapest deals available for booking a flight or arranging a hotel stay. Additionally, Kayak offers 20% discount on bookings for frequents users.