Bad Friends

Over a year old now, Bad Friends is a podcast that features comedians and close friends, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino. Discussing any topic without hesitation from their unique Hollywood elitist viewpoints LOL. We kid… they are a great comedic duo that feed off of each other creating podcast comedy magic weekly.
New Episodes Mondays on Bad Friends YouTube Channel

Two Bears One Cave

These two bears are also comics that are stars in their own rights of screen, television and streaming. Both host or cohost a variety of other podcasts but this is truly where the magic happens. While Bert does a lot of the talking, Tom sets up and delivers comedy and direction to the Florida man topic wanderer. Bert spends 40% laughing and the rest of the time not knowing that this podcast is Tom slowing documenting Bert’s booze and addictive nature for the final intervention episode. It’s going quite well.
New Episodes Mondays on YMH YouTube Channel

Your Mom’s House

Hey Jeans! Your Mom’s House is a long time comic podcast that is hosted by Christina P and her husband Jeans/Tom Segura. Bringing on guests from across the entertainment world, the provide an R rated look at the latest online and IRL events that are, or should be, shocking the nation. Try it out!
New Episodes Wednesdays on Your Mom’s House YouTube

Pajama Pants

Pajama pants is the podcast we never knew we needed and can’t find a reason to quit. Hosted by Kassem G, Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The latter two hailing from the greatest Mob story ever told, The Sopranos. And Kassem G, a YouTuber or great fame and lore. They discuss what’s happening in life, interview friends and former coworkers and make you feel all warm a good knowing Tony’s kids are doin good.
New Episodes Tuesdays on the Pajama Pants YouTube


OMFG this podcast is everything you need to laugh, scream and rage all in an hour. Bobby Lee leads an ensemble of his close confidants, Khalyla Kuhn, Gilbert Flatface and a certain Pink Richard George. Years of episodes in the books, you’ll find great interviews, comic genius moments and really intimate, raw and personal vulnerability unmatched by any other podcast. JOIN THE SLEPT KINGDOM!
New Episodes Thursdays on the TigerBelly YouTube

Bonus Favs:

Take Your Shoes Off Comedian and Actor Rick Glassman
BloodBath Annie Lederman, Little Esther & Khalyla Kuhn
Where My Mom’s At? Comedian Christina P