Sydney is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The iconic Opera House, the beautiful harbors and the impressive skyline provide an exhilarating experience to travelers. Sydney is a truly vibrant city full of energy and a thrilling night life. If you plan on touring Australia, don’t miss these wonderful attractions around Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House is surrounded by one of the world’s greatest natural harbors, and hosts many events throughout the year. It is especially a busy place on new year’s eve when all the people gather to watch the light show, and enjoy the amazing display. The architecture of the Opera House is very unique, and is a landmark where you can take pictures and show to your friends.

Sydney is surrounded by natural beaches, and the amazing Bondi beach is a popular destination throughout the year. One of the most spectacular tours that you can ever take is along the Bondi to Coogee coastline. This route has some of the most iconic beaches in Sydney. During late spring, you can find displays of free Sculpture by the Sea near the Bondi beach. If you want to avoid the crowd, hit the Camp Cove where you can see some of Sydney’s priciest houses while swimming in a wave-free harbor.

The stroll along the Sydney Harbor Bridge is another thrilling experience that you must put on your bucket list. There is a pedestrian pathway on the eastern side of the bridge, and the view of the city from there is absolutely amazing. The gaze out at North Head Lookout is another fantastic spot to sweep views of the city. The sunsets at the Lookout are spectacular, and if whales are in the season, you might have a chance at spotting them.

Sydney is full of free attractions like the Art Gallery. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in New South Wales. The Gallery has everything from Indigenous art to Asian crafts on display. On Wednesday nights, you get to watch a short film and receive guided tours for free. The Museum of Contemporary Art also has free entry, and is situated in a beautiful spot overlooking the circular quay.

Nature lovers can rejoice in the Royal Botanic Gardens, and have a picnic while venturing in the city. The gardens exhibit succulents, herbs and many different species of plants. There is a tropical greenhouse in the vicinity of the garden as well. During morning hours, free guided tours are provided to the visitors. Another green spot is the Royal National Park which is the second oldest in the world. It has over 100km of walking paths crossing rainforest gullies, windswept cliffs and going into pristine beaches. The park has many camping and picnic spots, and parking costs $11.

There are lots of great attractions for children as well. The Sydney Aquarium is an awesome place to see marine life, and enjoy with kids. If you want a bit more adventure, go to Luna Park and have on the rides. The entry is free, and each ride costs only $10. The park also features great views of the Sydney harbor.