The best of 2022 Creative Tools and Resources List

It’s 2022 and the world has changed greatly over the last couple years of the pandemic. While we battled Covid-19 many of us had to adjust to the new normal. With so many people working from home now, we have evolved into the next iteration of tools, resources and SaaS all around. So, what are we using in our business to find success and develop quality?  Here are things we love, and think you’ll love too. Try them out. Let us know. Think we missed a great tool? let us know!

Creative Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud– The hands down must have creative palate for creatives across the design and developer world. Whether you are
Connect Fonts (+ Connect Assets )- Manage your creative groups fonts and digtal assets all through one interface. Purchase Connect Fonts & Connect Assets together or individually to meet your creative needs.
Dropbox– Store everything in the cloud. It’s my favorite cloud storage provider. Hands down. Big fan. Several fun beta offerings as well.
Google Drive–  The runner up to Dropbox. Great value and pricing.

Outsourced Services

Fiverr– Get stuff done quick and cost efficiently. Put the world to work starting at $5.
99 Designs– Get the design and logo you want with this competitive design competition creation site.
Upwork– Find novices to professionals from around the world ready to take on any job you have remotely.
Design Pickle– Get a design team for one monthly cost. Great for those that aren’t ready for and in house design team.